Friday, March 23, 2018

An End Of A Store

Today, it finally hit me, Toys R Us is really closing. The signs tell it all. It took having these signs put up this afternoon for me to come out of denial. I kept hoping for a little ray of hope that this was all just a fluke. Toys R Us would come back bigger and better.

A mother told me today that her five year son heard the news this morning and proceeded to run to his room and bring out his piggy bank. He gave it to her and told her to give it to us so that we would not close.

Another girl, who was ten years old, several months ago when they first announced the troubles with this store, brought her money into the store and tried to give it to us to help out.

The news not only hit the young, it hits the old as well. How many of us through out the years have not found ourselves singing the jingle. I have not only have been a Toys R Us employee for sixteen years, I have been a Toys R Us kid for over sixty years.

Charles Lazarus, the founder of this once great company, passed away. I can only wonder what must have been going on in his mind as he watched his lifelong dream end. It must have broke his heart.

My heart is breaking as well. As I prepare for my last days at work, I can not help but think about all the friendships that I have made. We became a family. I will miss each and everyone of my Toys R Us family.

I will miss Toys R Us.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Oh Brother

For my birthday, I spent the day in the air heading from Maryland to California. So there was no cake, no ice cream and no singing happy birthday song. I spent from 11am Eastern time to after 7pm western time, in the airport and up in the clouds.

There was one switch over. because it was snowing in Maryland we had a delay leaving. This meant that we were late getting into Oakland and several of us had to make good time to get to the boarding gate for our next flight.

I do have to say that I did enjoy the whole flight. I took tons of pictures of the clouds, land and water. Being up above the clouds helped me to see the beauty of God's creations.

The best part of the whole trip was seeing my brother and his wife pull up to the curb to pick me up. I wish we were not so far apart.

We headed to Dolphin's Cove Resort, where we will be staying for the next three days. After a much needed dinner, Kenny was in search of a lighter. Why I could not figure out. He did not smoke. At least , not to my knowledge. I happen to have two, so i gave them one of mine.

Now before you ask, I do not smoke, I just like to be prepare for anything.

Curiosity got the better of me and I had to see what they were up to. Oh brother. They were trying to light a toothpick on my birthday cake. Kenny had called my husband earlier to find out what my favorite cake was. Boston Cream, yummy!

Oh brother, you surprise me and made my birthday. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Grebe Surprise

After work, I headed off to a doctor appointment. From there went on base to get my meds. It was before noon and the weather was begging me to go out walking. But, where do I go?

My first thought, go to my favorite spot, Mariner Point Park. Yet, I got to thinking. I am just minutes away from Swan Harbor Farm. This is where I saw the snowy owl a few days ago. So, off I went. Nothing to report there.

When I got into my car, I sat for a few minute arguing with myself. Do I go to the Mariner or do I head off to the boardwalk in Havre de Grace? Havre de Grace it is since it was closer.

Boy, am I glad I made that decision. I did not even get half way down the boardwalk, when I spotted something new. This way a nice surprise. I knew right away that it was a grebe. What I did not know was what kind it was.

I watch it dive many times and finally catch a fish. That was cool.

I could not wait to get home to open my bird book and fine out what kind of grebe it is. My best guest? I believe that this is a Horned Grebe in its winter plumage.

This picture kind of shows why I believe this is so.

This grebe surprise was the highlight of my day. I am always in awe with the blessings God gives me each day.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Frozen State

When the water was frozen, I walked out on the pier. Something caught my eyes. It looked like a hand was reaching out of the water. I soon realized that it was just a glove.

My first thought though was, I hope there was not a person attached to that glove. It was just there in a frozen state.

You always know that something like this gets me to thinking. There is a life application here. What could it be?

There are times in my life that I find myself in a frozen state. Sometime it is due to fears. Fear of the future, reliving the past or facing a unpleasant task. I am unable to move. I am stuck.

When I look to God, He brings a warmth to my heart and a outstretch hand to pull me out of my frozen state. He fills me with hope and new life. I can move forward again.

I can back the next day and the glove was gone. The ice had melted. I thanked God for always being there for me. With out Him, I could not move on in life. With out Him, I would stay in a frozen state.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Swans Are Back

I had to take a second look. Yes, there they were, two big white birds. I have not seen them since September of last year. The swans are back. I hope they sick around.

I know that a lot of people will be happy to see them there. Many years ago, a young lady stopped by me and asked me to email her the pictures of the swans. She told me that her mom and her had move out of state and miss seeing them. She wrote her email on a piece of a plane ticket, because she was leaving that day to go back home. So, I made sure she got several pictures.

Another young lady, who I know very well, asked me to send her pictures of the swans to her. She was doing a painting for her mom who loved the swans. That painting is hanging on the wall with my swans on it.

Another man contacted me through Facebook. He was missing them and asked if I knew what had happened to them. I will be glad to let him know that they are back.

These swans seems to be a part of many people lives. It will be a pleasure to let everyone know that they are back. I know I am happy about it.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Big White Bird

Yesterday, after walking around the Mariner, I felt that I needed to head to Swan Harbor Farm. The last time I got some great shots of the kestrel. There was not much action at the Mariner.  So, off I went in hope of more action at the farm.

On my way in, I was not disappointed. There on the wire was my kestrel.

My day was complete. I felt I could go home with the knowledge that I got my shot for the day.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed off in the distance an eagle eating something up in the tree. I got out of my car and headed toward the tree. On the field before me there must have been at least an hundred Canada geese grazing.

When I got closer, the geese seemed to become upset and took off in droves, honking their displeasure. I starting snapping away, hoping to get some good pictures of them flying away.

Something caught my eye through the camera. There was a big white bird in pursuit of the geese. I got four shots off before the bird disappeared into the trees.

There were several other people there with their cameras and scopes running towards the spot where the action was taking place. I ask if they knew what the big white bird was. They shocked me with the answer. "It was the snowy owl."

My day was truly complete this time. Coming to the farm was the best decision ever. As I was leaving, the kestrel greeted me again. He seems to be saying, "See, I am not the only cool bird here. The big white bird is just as cool."

He was right.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Sappy Squirrel

There is a tree that sits just off the path which attracts many thirty visitors. This tree is full of holes put there by a persistent little yellow-bellied sapsucker. 

I have seen many other birds take advantage of the sweet nectar that flows from the holes. Kinglets, chickadees and nuthatches are a few that I have caught drinking their share.

This day, there was a new visitor enjoying the tree. Now, there have been many squirrels climbing the tree for as long as this tree has been here. I have seen them playing chase, enjoying the peanuts that are handed to them and just simply using the tree for an resting place. 

Seeing a squirrel drinking the flow of sap, was a first for me. By the time he was done he was one sappy squirrel. Of course, the sapsucker was not too happy about him taking over the holes.