Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sparrow Town

The one sparrow you can count on is the white throated sparrow to make his showing at the park. He is the most common fellow to visit the fence posts that I put the seeds on each visit. I do notice that during the winter months, I see a lot more.

Out of all the sparrows that visit the park, this one seems to be more bold. He will fight with the cardinals and stand up against the red-winged black birds for his supper. Beside the chickadees, he will come close to me as I wait to take pictures.

There are two types of white throats, the tan striped and the white striped. Every once in a while I will see the tan striped ones mulling around the bushes. They are just as brave as the white striped ones.

I can honestly say that this park can be called Sparrow Town. There are enough of them here including the fox sparrows, song sparrows, and several other species. My kind of town.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Eeyore's Winter Blues

Another snow event. This snow is back breaking. Even Eeyore finds it a heavy load to bare.

I like snow when it is just building up on the yards and not so much on the roads. I like it even better when I do not have to drive on it to work. Tonight with the temperature going below freezing, I dread the ice.

When I have to shovel it, it is back breaking. Of course, when my husband gets home in time, he takes care of that for me.  It is not any less back breaking for him.

Right now I have the Eeyore's winter blue. I have to go to work overnight. I dread the icy roads. One good thing though, in the next few days this snow will be history.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Soda Bottle Feeder

One of the time that I got to go to a dinner for bird lovers, I got this kit to make a bird feeder from a soda bottle. The first few times that I filled it and put it out, the birds did not seem to like it.

My husband brought home a birder hook and I got a new fancy feeder to put on the hook. Since there was two place to hang the feeder on, I decided to try the soda bottle feeder again.

Now, here it the funny thing. Notice which one is empty. I have been watching the birds enjoy both feeders. Yet, they seems to gravitate to the homemade one over and over. It is only when the first one is empty, that they work on the store bought one.

It is like Christmas, when the kids play with the package or the box that the gift comes in over the gift.

It is off to the store to buy some more bird seeds. The soda bottle feeder needs to be filled again.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Chipmunk's Cold

This is truly cold season. I am not talking about the weather. It seems to be everywhere I go, someone is coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose. Even this poor little chipmunk seems to be blowing his nose.

This the season to share every virus, germs and sickness this time of year brings. No matter how careful I was, I spent several days sick as a dog. Not that I know how a dog feels when he is sick.

As I write this blog, I send out a prayer to all that have succumb to the cold , flu and every other virus out there. Take care of yourselves. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Nuttty Squirrel

You never know what a squirrel might get himself into. While I was walking around the boardwalk, this one little critter kept running all around me. At one point he was upside down on the boardwalk. He never did let go of the nut in his mouth.

I am just so impress with his ability to hang onto anything. With the many years that I have been taking pictures of the squirrels around town, I have caught them in many nutty situations. They sure know how to entertain me.

They will eat just about anything you toss out to them. but the nuts are their favorite. While this little nutty squirrel will enjoy his nut this time,I will enjoy him running around with it as well.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The First Snow.

Well, it happened. We had our first snow of the season. I just had to get out to take pictures.

At one time, I would have been too afraid to go out in the snow driving. But, the draw of the camera beckons me to take the chance. "Just think what you will miss if you do not try," it seems to be telling me.

So, I listen. The camera has helped me to brave things that would have kept me in the house. I can go out all excited to see what is waiting for me. Will I get that shot? Even going out on a boat has no fear for me now. This past vacation showed me that as we spent time out on a whale boat trip.

The first snow has fallen. I just love every flake. Welcome Winter.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ruddy Luck

For three days in October, I watch over a unusual duck. I even took my husband with me hoping with both our cameras we could get a good enough picture to identify what kind of fowl he was. I search my many bird books to no avail.

Several days later, I ran into a good birder friend who was able to tell me that what we had gotten was a ruddy duck. What ruddy luck that was for me. It pays to go out every possible chance I have to seek a new bird in Harford County.

This year, I want to see how many species of birds I can identify. Like the movie "The Big Year," I plan on documenting all the birds I see through out the year as we go on vacation, trips and just walking around here. I will not reach the record number. But, I plan on giving my best try for a record for me.

Who know? Maybe the Ruddy's luck will be a sign that this will be a good year.