Monday, June 26, 2017

Cardinal Secret.

When I put out the bird seeds and peanuts on the post at the Mariner, the birds fly in for the feast. The many birds that comes, tends to fight over the food. The cardinals seems to be the worst. Have you ever heard them hiss like a cat?

This cardinal seems to be telling the sparrow a secret. "The food is all mine," and he proceeded to chase the sparrow away.

The battles continues until all the seeds are gone.

As kids, I remember fighting over who gets the last cookie. There were six of us and I always seemed to be the one who got chased away. As I got older and wiser, I found ways to get my share.

Than I had three children of my own. I solved the problem by color coding their plates, cups and bowls, so that there was very little fighting over where to sit and who got the last cookie.

We all have the cardinal secret to want it all. When we trust God to be our provider, we can learn to share the bounty that is put before us.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cicada Protein Drink

I have had my share of protein drinks, but this one takes the cake or I should say, this one take the cicada.

My husband and I have been visiting the Mill to try and get some good pictures of the orioles that has been flying around. It was a very hot day. I took two water bottles and filled them with ice and water.

While we were walking down the path, I would take a sip every few minutes. The sweat was pouring down my face, because it was so humid. I knew that I had to stay hydrated.The ices melted fast in the bottle.

With the water was almost gone, I notice that something was still floating around in the bottle. I knew it was not a ice cube. When I took the lid off, I saw in horror that is was some kind of bug. Worst that that, it was the carcase of a cicada.

The sign of old age is forgetfulness. I had forgotten earlier that I had put the shell in the bottle for safe keeping to show my grandson.

From this day forward, I will always look before I fill another water bottle. I do like protein drinks, but it is the powder kind, not the cicada kind.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

What Really Happen To The Wood Duck?

What really happen to the wood duck? This was the question that I often asked myself every time that I would go by the pond at the Super Eight. It had been quite a while since I have seen him around.

One story that was told me, that the owner of the motel set off firecrackers to chase the birds away, because he did not like the all the photographers always being around. Another story was, that the ducks moved to another pond further down the road. In any case, the wood duck was no where to be seen.

Today I learned of the fate of the famous fowl of the motel's pond. While working at the Art Festival in Joppatowne, I met someone who works at the Super Eight. He told me what really happened.

While he was standing outside one day, he witnessed a red-tailed hawk swooped down and snatched the duck right out of the pond. The sounds of the duck squealing, is a sound he will never forget.

The lesson here for me is, to know the truth about any story, you have to go to the right source. This applies also to the many stories about the Bible. To know the real truth, I have to go to the source. The Bible.

With all the many sources out there claiming to be experts about the Word of God, it take me opening the Bible and allowing the true source, God, to show me what is real.

Today, I know now that I will never see the wood duck again. This makes me sad.

Today, I also find joy in my heart. When I take the time to read the Word of God, He put a song in my heart and this makes me happy.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Twin's Happy Birthday

Today is my older twin brother's birthday. It is a bitter sweet day, since one is home with Jesus. I miss him very much. I want to call him, but can't.

Growing up being part of two sets of twins in the family has been an adventure. Mom had all kinds of stories of the trouble that David and Richard would get into. Through out our school years their names were well know. I was the younger sister of the Bennett's twin, even though I was a twin as well.

I know it must be hard for Richard to think about having another birthday without wishing his twin a happy one. It is the same thing with my grandson who has a twin who is also in heaven. Every year I think about Arthur's twin, Mathew on their birthday and what he would be like.

When my birthday arrives each year, I think about my own twin and wonder if he is even alive. It has been many years since anyone has seen or heard from him.

Three sets of twins trying to have happy birthdays every years, but the problem is that one is missing from our lives.

Today, I wish my brother a Happy Birthday and share in the happy memories of his twin.

Happy Birthday Richard.

Happy Birthday David. I can't wait to see you again when I get to heaven. I know that you are watching over Arthur's twin and waiting for all of us to come home.

Monday, May 15, 2017

What A Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. It was not your typical day. I did not get flowers, chocolates or taken out to dinner from my husband. But that is okay.

I did get my flower. As I made my way to church, I stop by McDonald to get my ice tea and was given a rose. From there we drove by the marsh, like I do everyday, but there was no action there. No problem, I would check on there later.

After church, my grandson and I went to Harford Glen to check on the banding project. Take note: it is the month of May. What they had caught in there net was a Cape May Warbler. How cool was that?

But wait. We went by the three fountain pond and there was something unusual laying in the grass. It was a egret. I think it was a Snowy Egret, a first for me. It made my Mother's Day.

My husband came home and after leaving my grandson with his mother, we headed off to do more birding. We stopped by the Rock Run Grist Mill in Susquahanna State Park. Guess what? It was open and we got to see the inside for the first time in all the year we have lived here. Outside the Mill were several Orchard Orioles. What a treat.

The last place we visited was the Conowingo Dam to see the eagles. But it was not the eagle that catch my interest. It was this snake. I have never seen one of these before. It was cool.

The last thing we did was get some subs and headed home. What a Mother's Day.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bagged Sparrow

Today, I was allowed to sit in as Amanda explain to a group of students the project that bands birds for research.  She holds in her hand a paper bag with something moving around. It was captures inside a net earlier and waits for Amanda to let it out.

The student wait in anticipation to discover what kind of bird it is. Amanda explains the marking on the outside of the bag. SW SP are the letters that marks the bag. It stands for what kind of bird that is trapped inside.

When she pulls it out, Amanda puts the small metal band on the bird's leg. SW SP stand for swamp sparrow. The information from the band will be entered into a data base that is shared all across the world.

Along with the specie of the bird, are the measurements of the wings, tail and sex. One last thing to do to the bird. It is put into a tube and put on a scale to measure its weight. Now the swamp sparrow is let freed to go about its business.

Two of Amanda's co-researchers go out to search the nets for other birds. This will go on for the next few weeks. The information that is collected helps to study the migration patterns and where the birds lives. It was an interesting morning, which I enjoyed getting to see the bagged sparrow.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mother Goose Chase

The chase begins. I sat watching the juvenile eagle bouncing around the marsh trying to catch something. Of course, he seemed to fail in his endeavor. He kept coming up empty.

He made the mistake of getting to close to a goose's nest. A new chase was on. This mother goose was set on getting the eagle. The eagle made his escape and flew to a nearby tree. But not without his pride being wounded along with his backside.

I have seen the many times the geese defending their nest from ospreys, eagles and hawks. They are a perfect example of a mother's willingness to do whatever it takes to protect her young.

With Mother's Day approaching fast, I wonder if we can remember times in our past when our mothers defending us? I also wondered, as mothers ourselves, what we would do?