Saturday, August 12, 2017

I Hear You

The past several weeks that I have been walking around the Mariner Point Park, I have been watching the many osprey flying around. There has been awesome battles, fishing lessons and entertaining play times. Trying to catch them on camera has been a daunting task.

Every once in a while one lands on a tree to rest. I just happened upon this one by accident. As I slowly made my way into the trees to get a better shot, he could hear me. Each time that he would look for me, I would stay very still.

As I got into position and started snapping away, he seems to be saying, "I hear you." With my next step closer, he flew away.

There is a nest just as you enter the park. I love to watch the family of osprey that has made this their home. In this picture an adult has delivered a fish. After eating her share, she trades places with the juvenile and he finishes the rest.

When I try to get too close to the nest,  they signaled that they hear me by sounding the alarm and giving off a frenzies of sharp whistles.

Soon they will be leaving to migrate. I will miss hearing and watching them. While they are still around, I will look for every opportunities to catch them. I will do my best to get close to them and not have them say, "I hear you."

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